Central Vacuum

Sealed HEPA Breath Clean. Clean your home and the air your breathe. Zuum is available with a Sealed HEPA Filtration Unit to remove up to 99.97% of unwanted and harmful particulates.


Quick Lock Bucket Easy to clean. To clean the bucket, just press the buttons, release the bucket and dispose. Snap the bucket on just as easily. Zuum is ready to go.


Interactive LCD Control Zuum thinks. Intuitively designed, the LCD will ensure your Zuum is always efficient and at optimal performance.


Bucket Lens Easy to see. Glance through the bucket lens to see the dirt level.


LED Interactivity Simply touch. Energy efficient. Turn Zuum on/off, reset or check the performance.


Internal Triumph HEPA Filter Self-cleaning. The internal Triumph HEPA filter keeps dust away from the motor. The filter moves up and down during each cleaning cycle. The dust is released from the surface as gravity pulls the filter down, ensuring long-lasting performance and suction power.


Arm & Hammer® Arm & Hammer vacuum bags eliminate odours caused by mould, bacteria and fungi, while capturing fine allergen size dust particles. As dirty air passes through the bag, Arm & Hammer baking soda crystals capture odour causing particles, only emitting clean air.