Are you connecting to the digital age or the stone age?

The intelligent home connected by GE.

Just as your new home has a foundation upon which everything is built. Smart ConnectionCenter is the electronic foundation for all the technologies of today and tomorrow. It's the home network system that connects you to the digital age and the lifestyle that goes with it.

Smart ConnectionCenter integrates all your needs with one simple, economical solution. And it delivers electronic technology to every room in the house. Whatever electronic capability you have...or whatever you want to add in the future...Smart ConnectionCenter delivers it. This can include:

  • High-speed Internet access
  • Networking of computers, printers, fax machines and scanners
  • High-quality digital and cable television
  • Home theater
  • Advanced telephone systems
  • Digital quality music throughout your home
  • Computer entertainment and gaming
  • Home security

Your one and only chance to get everything under control.

Once a home is built , it's too late. The only way to enjoy current and future technology is to build the connection capability into your home today. So as a new home builder you have a tremendous advantage over existing home owners.

With Smart ConnectionCenter you wire your home once and it's ready to accept any technology. There's no expensive rewiring every time you want to add a new electronic component...or any time a new technology comes along