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Security Camera Benefits

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Business Cameras

There are a few different ways to secure your business with video cameras.  You can do it quite affordably by tying them in with your alarm system.  

If you have a large warehouse you might want to be more effective by using a stand alone Video Camera System.  We offer Hik-Vision or Northern


To Deter Crime

 When you have cameras at your entrance and on the building a criminal    will probably move onto an easier establishment.

Reduces Insurance Costs

As soon as the cameras are installed it reduces risks and costs associated with them.  Once you have remote online access it prevents costly incidents such as vandalism, fire and burglary.

Full Coverage

When you have multiple cameras keeping an eye on each other’s blind spots, it is much more effective than having security guard on the premise as he cannot be everywhere at one time.

Keeps Employees Honest

When video cameras are installed inside your business it allows you to monitor costly goods, inventory and vunerable areas of the facility.   When the video is recorded it can prevent wrongful accusation and will stop employees from doing something wrong.

Prevents Safety Issues

Cameras con be installed in high risk areas of a business such as the back of a building, like an alley, where vandalism could occur or even a fire.  All of this would be recorded for law enforcement.

Aids in Good Behavior

Cameras create discipline with customers and employees.  It encourages both to be on their best behavior

Assist Police

Cameras that record at the scene of the crime allow police to use the footage and photos to the public to aide in solving crimes.

Home Cameras

The biggest advantage to having video cameras at your home is being able to monitor your residence from your smart phone or tablet.

For the most part residential cameras are part of you Security System now.  Which makes it very cost effective, as they get bundled in your monthly monitoring fee.

When a criminal sees your cameras on your house it deters them from breaking in.  They usually just move onto the next house without cameras.

The video doorbell allows you to see who is coming up your walk to your door.  You can see this on your smart phone or tablet anywhere in the world and allows you to speak with them.

All of these cameras reduce your insurance premiums and also offers evidence to any claims you might have.

Technology today is simple to use, cost effective and easy to understand. Think ahead now and get your system installed today!