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There is no greater responsibility than managing the home security of loved ones.

To ensure the level of protection and peace of mind appropriate to your lifestyle, it’s important to be proactive and informed about home security in Calgary. Understanding your home security requirements and what the industry offers is the key. The evolution of technology has been breathtaking and has had a profound impact upon the home security industry. At One Stop Security we are at the leading edge of security solutions and have been there for twenty-five years and counting. 

Our strength is working with our customers. Let One Stop Security take the complexity out of the process and get you up and running with the best solution, installed to your timeline, at the best value price point in the Calgary market.

Home Security Alarm Systems

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One Stop Security offers a number of alarm system packages consisting of various configurations designed to meet standard homeowner requirements. If your assessment identifies a good fit with one of our standard bundles then the selection process is more basic. 

​If your security requirements are more complex and unique, then we provide options to customize those bundles.

​For those homeowners with exceptional requirements, One Stop Security has the expertise and experience – spanning 25 years – to design and implement a fully customized state of the art solution to meet the most demanding security requirements.

Our bundles are competitively priced.  At One Stop Security we deliver at the best value price point in the local market. 

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Home Security Monitoring Station

A home security system is basically a configuration of alarms, sensors and detectors to provide a target level of security. That configuration is integrated into a central monitoring station that provides messaging and alerting feedback to the homeowner. A standard control panel or mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet serves as a control and activation point.

One Stop Security utilizes the world’s best central monitoring service  to provide our customers with unequaled reliability.​

Home Security Cameras

Home Security Calgary

Home Alarms

One of the most impressive improvements in home security is the evolution in camera technology and its practical applications.

Being able to monitor your home and property remotely through streaming video in real time from your smart phone, tablet, or office laptop gives you the edge in terms of both awareness and response time.

One Stop Security is on the leading edge of home security camera technology integration and automation.

Home Security Smart Home

Another area of tremendous technological advancement is home automation. With today’s smart devices, alerting interfaces, and artificial intellience there is almost no aspect of a home that cannot benefit from enhanced automation.

One Stop Security has been a leader in the local market for 25 years and continues that focus with products and solutions that provide our customers with fully integrated and robust smart home automation.

Let One Stop Security smarten up your home today… 

Home Security Wellness


Providing leading edge home security products for our elderly is a commitment we take very seriously at One Stop Security. Being able to monitor in real time, in a non-intrusive manner, the daily activities of our dear ones provides the ability to respond effectively to all situations that can develop to ensure their health and safety.

You deserve the peace of mind that a One Stop Security system designed for our elderly provides.