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SecurTek is the leading provider of innovative security monitoring solutions and event related information services in North America, with 100,000 customers across Canada. Whether you seek home or business solutions, you can count on SecurTek to meet or exceed the highest industry standards in customer service, call overflow capabilities, and best practices in alarm response procedures and built-in system redundancies. SecurTek earned the Five Diamond Certification for superior monitoring service awarded by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA). SecurTek monitoring stations are Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada (ULC) certified.

Alarm Monitoring - Getting Started

This may be the first time you consider having a monitored security alarm system installed in your home or at work. You will soon discover that you are not alone in trying to figure out how to best protect those you love and care about. You may find it a little daunting at first, but help is available.

A great number of the customer inquiries SecurTek Monitoring Solutions receives stem from a personal experience, due to burglary or criminal activity at home or in the workplace. The event might have been traumatic for the victims. Unlawful intrusions and theft are always memorable for the wrong reasons.

Some inquiries stem from concerns about the safety of aging parents by a relative. They are curious about Securtek Medical Alert. Others call us because they want to protect business assets they own, or staff they manage. They might be considering our Video Monitoring or Guard Service solutions. What motivates Securtek customers to call us and our dealers is the hope that one of our security system solutions will help remove a potential threat or minimize a risk that could prove costly and have unfortunate consequences.

You may already have an intrusion alarm system and may want to upgrade to SecurTek Home Manager in order to truly take advantage of the capabilities modern home living offers today's consumers.


Take stock of your security needs. This is where SecurTek's network of dealers will really excel. Our dealers on the ground have acquired years of expertise through security system design practice. They know your community. Think of them as your guides. They will be able to tell you the real picture, and offer you the solution that is right for you.


When technicians come to your home to install your new system, they will treat your home as you do yourself -- with respect.. A wireless system easily might work for a home, but a wired system might be better suited for commercial applications A window that is so high a burglar would need a ladder to climb into your home might not need that extra intrusion sensor. There are many tricks of the trade to installing a system that will appear as discreet to your visitors as it would to the homeowners themselves.


Once a system is installed, technicians take each component to the workbench and test it thouroughly with remote SecurTek monitoring station attendants to ensure the system's integrity. After this is done, they will take you step by step through the system management features. A little practice can work miracles, as you take command of your new 24/7 monitored SecurTek security system.

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