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A common perspective within the security alarms industry is that no two alarm systems are alike. While the structural layout of some homes can be similar, there are differences in location, property configuration, homeowner preferences, and individual requirements.  These all need to be factored into a homeowner's security assessment to ensure an effective security solution.  

At one stop security our product offerings of security alarms in Calgary and area accommodate home-owner flexibility. We have a number of security alarm system packages that meet a full range of requirements.  In addition, we provide you the ability to customize our security alarm bundles to meet your specific needs.  

For those homeowners having unique and complex requirements, we can design a completely custom security alarm system to fit your situation.  With twenty-five years experience in security alarms in Calgary and the Southern Alberta marketplace we have the expertise to meet the most challenging design specifications and complex technical installations.  

Your best approach is to leverage our customer service and extensive local experience in security alarm systems. Put a One Stop Security expert to work and we'll answer your questions, complete your security assessment, and assist you in selecting an appropriate bundle.  All this at your scheduled convenience and no charge or obligation.

We also have the latest in secure on-line meeting technology. Take advantage of our free service and request an 0n-line meeting with a One Stop Security expert. 

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Security Alarms Basic Bundle - Starts at $33.95

If you have a landline phone and standard security requirements, then our entry level bundle will provide you with effective full stop security.

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Irene & Franca (Home Owner)

We are very happy and satisfied with One Stop Security.They are reliable and always respond immediately to concerns. Would strongly recommend them. We left them for awhile but went back to them because of the service they provide.
Irene and Franca

we pride ourselves in our customer service focus

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Security Alarms Cellular Bundle (GSM) - Starts at $44.95

If you have standard security requirements but would like to incorporate a cellular interface then this is the security alarm bundle for you.  This package provides highly effective full stop security along with robust cellular communications.

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Rod & Lois (Home Owner)

One-Stop Security has been our security system provider for close to 23 years and from the beginning they have been efficient, reliable, and quick to respond when parts and service are called for. Paul and Caroline are a pleasure to deal with and we really appreciate being able to deal directly with the owners rather than a representative of a corporation.

Rod & Lois

get the personal touch... Get One Stop Security

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Security Alarms Interactive Bundle (GSM) - Starts at $59.95

If hands on control and monitoring is what your looking for in a security alarm system then this is your bundle.  This package features the ability to look, see, and react in real time achieving an exceptional level of control and flexibility.

Security Alarms Calgary


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Louise (Home Owner)

I met Paul with One Stop Security on Nov 15/2001. My home had just been broken into & many valuables were taken. The worst was my dogs were locked in basement by this guy and they were scared. After the police finished their investigation they advised me to get a security system installed as the intruders often return after a claim has been payed & new things have been purchased to break in again. Since my husband worked out of town I didn't feel safe in my own home and needed some advise. Paul from One Stop came into my home the next day & told me the best way to secure my home & family. He installed everything the next day & sent a guy to secure our garage with bars & bolt locks as well. Paul made me fell safe in my own home again. When we moved to our new home in 2015 we had Paul secure our new home . Thanks to Paul & his staff for their kind & efficient service.

We deliver security alarms in Calgary and Southern Alberta at the best value price point.

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Security Alarms Automation Bundle (GSM) - Starts at $74.95

You can add a layer of automation to the interactive bundle and achieve the highest standards in full stop security, interactivity, and home automation.  Features such as video doorbell, a 10 button deadbolt,  thermostat, and lighting control provide full automation at a reasonable price point.

The final feature is the bundle comes with a state of the art App that can be downloaded and activated to enable alerting and full control of your smart home's security right into the palm on your hand.

Tuxedo Andriod Phone


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Cal (Home Owner)

Very pleased with the quality of work and level of service provided by One
Stop. Used them for years.

Our technical expertise and 25 years local experience is at the core of our ability to deliver the best security solutions in the industry.

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4 Year Agreement - OAC

Why Choose Alarm.com?

If your package choice is Automation (GSM), then Alarm.com is the perfect solution.

Alarm.com is the leading technology provider of Smart Home Security services. With a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, they continue to make millions of homes safer, smarter and more efficient.

Sold and serviced by One Stop Security, Alarm.com technology now powers many of the most advanced home security systems available. 

We specialize in Residential Alarms

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