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Smart Home in Calgary

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With a One Stop Security Smart Home Your Always in Control.

Twenty-Five years ago One Stop Security made the commitment to embrace leading edge smart home technology in Calgary and Southern Alberta. That commitment remains stronger than ever as we continue to focus on state of the art smart home design, configuration, and installation into our customers homes. ​

Downloading our application module to your mobile phone or tablet devices will empower complete control of your home's security system from video monitoring and robust alerting, to the latest in energy management integration. 

One Stop Security is a partner reseller of and offers its state of the art industry leading smart home technology solutions to the Southern Alberta Market. Check out the video below for an excellent overview of its smart home features and benefits.

Security Alarms Calgary

To learn more about our smart homes in Calgary and the products, contact us and engage our customer service and extensive local experience. Put a One Stop Security expert to work and we'll answer your questions, complete your security assessment, and assist you in selecting your smart home security components. All this at your scheduled convenience and no charge or obligation.​

We also have the latest in secure on-line meeting technology. Take advantage of our free service and request an 0n-line meeting with a One Stop Security expert.​

We Give You More...

Smart Home Dedicated Connection 24/7

You can count on a One Stop Security Smart Home in Calgary

As a homeowner today you need to know you can count on an always on secure connection and integration of your smart home components and alerting system.  

Our smart home package provides 24/7 assurance and even if internet is down or cables are damaged, a battery powered backup system is triggered to ensure your smart home system never fails you.

Smart Home Energy Management

With the integration of all your security devices and monitoring equipment into a single point of focus through a smart phone application, has been able to achieve impressive gains in energy efficiency. 

Smart Home Automation Bundle - Starts at $69.95

If you want the absolute latest in smart home and automation technology, then this is the bundle for you.  It incorporates the highest standards in full stop security, interactivity, and home automation.  Features such as video doorbell, a 10 button deadbolt,  thermostat, and lighting control provide full automation at a reasonable price point.

  • Dedicated 24/7 Connection;
  • Energy Management;
  • Intelligent Alerting;
  • Remote Video Monitoring;
  • Remote Access Controls;
  • Built In Proactive Safeguards;
  • State of the Art App.

Home Automation


Each item below provides access to an illustration you can pop up with a click or a tap from your device.

Joanne & Fred (Home Owner)

We have been with One Stop since 1995 when we had our home security system installed. Paul has always been there delivering fast and courteous service since that time. It is nice to have someone who knows us and our system when we call for help or advice. We would highly recommend One Stop to anyone looking for a professional and dependable company to discuss their security needs.

Joanne and Fred

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DIY Smart Home Kits

If you are a do it yourself enthusiast or have interest in this approach, then check out our E-Commerce Shop for bargains on DIY Smart Home Security kits.