No Contract Security Alarm System

Do you want a  No Contract Security Alarm System that detects all intrusions and sounds a siren to scare intruders away?  Security systems without contract are a definite option. 

There some scenarios where a long-term contract and a full blown professional security monitoring system are simply not your best option.  One Stop Security recognizes this with a package that combines professional intrusion detection with a highly effective method to abruptly and effectively bring an intrusion to an end.

We offer our no contract security  alarm system for home or business. Our team provides a full security assessment of your location and and work out the requirements and purchase cost with you. We then provide a professional security alarm installation of your new system and test out the intrusion detection and siren activation process.

  Benefits of a Security System Without Contract

  • No Commitment therefore no contract to cancel;
  • Complete Flexibility; If you aren’t happy with your system, you can change at any time;
  • Ownership; You own all the security alarms and all devices;
  • Less cumbersome: No more worrying about the “small print” risks of some long-term contracts, and periodic rate hikes and renewals;
  • Best no-contract home security system in Calgary.

One Stop Security has 27 years of expertise in providing leading security systems and professional installations to our customers.  We are more than pleased to answer your questions, review your requirements, and help you select the best security solution that fits your budget.  

Professional Monitored Alarms

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Do It Yourself DYI Alarms

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